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Atlas Concorde Supplied by Tile Gallery Barbados

HYDRO BAN Linear Drains are low profile linear floor drains specifically designed for bonded waterproofing installations with HYDRO BAN waterproofing membranes. The NEW HYDRO BAN Linear Drain Troughs are designed with a “V” slope to enhance drainage and can be paired with any HYDRO BAN Drain Grate, which are available in off-set oval with brushed, polished & oil-rubbed bronze finishes, tile-in or wedge wire in brushed of polished.


The HYDRO BAN Linear Drain allows for the use of large format tile or stone installations in a shower with a single plane slope to the drain. The HYDRO BAN Linear Drain can be installed near the wall, entry or at medial locations in a variety of areas requiring waterproof applications.

Hydro Ban Linear Drain 36" PS

SKU: 9386-6536-PS

Price is Vat Inc.

Available in the following formats:

36" Burshed Stainless Steel

42" Brushed Stainless Steel

48" Brushed Stainless Steel

48" Polished Stainless Steel

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