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Atlas Concorde Supplied by Tile Gallery Barbados

Talis Select S Basin mixer 190 with pop-up waste set


Products with this shower technology combined water with air to pamper you with more voluminous, lighter and softer water droplets on your skin. For greater showering pleasure with water efficiency.


Excellent user comfort

Generous proportions, sophisticated technology, intuitive operation. Outstanding design, high safety standards and considerably enhanced comfort: Hansgrohe showers, mixers and thermostats with this trademark extend your ComfortZone.


Save water, protect the climate

Hansgrohe mixers and showers, which are fitted with EcoSmart technology, require up to 60% less water than conventional products – without any loss of comfort. This means you can reduce your water and energy costs and conserve valuable resources.


QuickClean: Less limescale, more joy

Is there anyone who likes cleaning? With QuickClean, limescale deposits and dirt on hansgrohe faucets and showers disappear in an instant. Just rub off the flexible nubs made of silicone.


Select for faucets

No hands free to operate the faucet at the moment? With the Select function, you can start, pause, or stop the water flow at the lavatory faucet simply by pressing a button. You can even do it with the back of your hand or elbow.

Talis Select Basin Mixer 190

SKU: 72044000

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