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Atlas Concorde Supplied by Tile Gallery Barbados

The shower of the Chrome Tecnoshower line has high technology and has been developed to make your bath much more relaxing. With a strong and comfortable water jet. The joint offers the possibility of moving the head of the shower, makes the moment with the water more comfortable and pleasant. The product comes with an optional flow restrictor, which provides an output of 15 liters per minute, with much more water savings while bathing, if you choose to install it. It has fitting in ½" gauges and supports high temperatures, up to 70°C. It also has perfect installation in both houses and buildings, regardless of the floor and water pressure.

Technoshower Chrome

SKU: 00306606

Product differentials

  • EasyClean® system

    Technology that provides easy and simple cleaning. With your hands you can clean the silicone sieves without having to disassemble the shower or use specific parts for cleaning.

  • Binickel finish

    The chrome finish of high durability and greater resistance to corrosion, preserves the beauty and brightness of the product for much longer.

  • Sealing rings

    The cleaning of utensils and food using Ozone removes 75% of pesticides and neutralizes unwanted odors in just 30 seconds.

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